My emphasis in the creation process is on the humanity in clothes; and I am obsessed with being present – both the making of clothes and in the art of dressing.
To me, clothes is not merely fabric on a body. It is an identity you put on.
It is a statement of how you treat yourself, and how you wish to be treated by others.
It is how different textures caress your skin, or not.
It is how materials make you sweaty or well-tempered.
It is how shapes either loosen you up or straightening you out.
It is how colours either invigorate or soothe you.
In its essence, it is about who you be in this world – the brief second you have.

My perception of you is that you are Strong. Sensual. Independent. Soft. Dramatic. Classical. Chic. Impractical. Beautiful. Precious. Worthy of being pampered to the maximum. Feminine. Proud.
And before anything, love(d) to the core of your being.

Now you find out who you think you are.

If you resonate with my view of you, and you want to wear it, you have two options to work with me:

You can book an appointment with me here, where we can discuss the possibilities of a having a bespoke ANNA VON AABLING piece made for you. You can see some of the styles I have created on Instagram and you can read more about the process of having a bespoke garment made for you here.

In a little bit, you can buy a selection of ready-to-wear-pieces I am currently working on. They will be sold in my online boutique, and you can sign up here to get a notification when the boutique launches.